• Janet Ornelas

A Chair For My Mother Book Review for Children

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Currently I am learning all about Personal Finances because I want to learn how to manage our finances better, to save, and to eliminate all debt. Why? Well for starters enough is enough with living paycheck to paycheck and living with debt. We can't move forward with these things weighing us down. We also want to be more intentional with our finances.

But I do not want to do this alone. I want our children to know the importance of personal finances. I want them to learn how to save and manage their money now. Not like me, in my 30s. This Book, A Chair for My Mother

was the perfect book to teach my kids to save. And to save for something they really want. We started saving for our Disney World Trip. We put all our change except for quarters into this Nesquik container. I can see their faces light up when i give them change to put in this container.

A Chair For My Mother

is a story about a little girl, her mother, and grandmother saving for a chair to rest in and enjoy. Their old home caught on fire and destroyed all their belongings. Thankfully they have neighbors that help them out.

This book is definitely a classic, a story I enjoyed when I was a kid and I enjoy now reading it to my own.

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