• Janet Ornelas

An Attitude of Gratitude Book Review

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Right now I am on a attitude journey. I read Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude and now I finished An Attitude of Gratitude. I love these attitude books because it makes me realize that I have control on how I choose to respond, interpret, and view things.

I don't have to let life happen to me. I can choose an attitude of gratitude. I can choose a positive attitude.

The wisdom nuggets that I took out of this book are pretty much all 21 lessons but if I wanted to share one I would choose, Lesson 13. Why? Because, I like to dream. I am dreamer, visionary and sometimes believe things are going to fall on my lap.

I have to be reminded that I actually have to put in work and not just wok but hard work. Go-getter type of work. Lesson 13, teaches that you get out what you put in.

It gave an example of, "Have you ever gone to the bank and attempted to make a withdrawal form an account in which you'd never made a deposit?" "Of course not! It's common wisdom that you can only get out what you out in."

I kept noticing the same message being repeated throughout the book which was you have to do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes to become successful.

I highly recommend to anyone that is researching attitude or wanting to know more about attitudes or wants to change their own attitude.

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