• Janet Ornelas

Back to Home School

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I'm so excited for this homeschool year! This will be my third year homeschooling my two kiddos and feel extremely blessed to be able to do this. Today I will be talking about the ways I've prepared myself this year for this upcoming year. Last year we had it rough and I believe it's because I didn't pray like I should have for my school year. Here are 5 tips on helping you prepare for back to school.

1st thing I did was read quite a few homeschooling books to encourage me to homeschool because we had such a rough year last school year I thought about putting the kids back in school. But something stronger than that idea kept saying no don't do it. Don't fall into the easy hole you will regret it later.

The books that I read were, The McGraw-Hill Homeschooling Companion, The Everything Guide to Homeschooling, Educating The Whole Hearted Child, Homeschooling Methods, Homeschooling Today Magazine, Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

2nd thing I did was set a day to pray and spend some quiet time with God and really just be intentional with my prayers about this year. I prayed for this year to go smoothly and to provide everything we need for this upcoming year.

3rd thing I did was evaluate what worked last year and where did it started to go wrong. I put a plan in place for when life decides to throw us curve balls. Last year my Grandmother suddenly was hospitalized and next thing you know we were planning for an emergency open heart surgery. Then my husband went to go visit here and he started feeling really bad and ended up in the emergency room with Pancreatitis. You can just imagine how I felt. We ended up postponing homeschooling for the moment until the dust settled. It took almost 4 months to get back to homeschooling.

4th thing I did was go spend a day in the curriculum section and evaluate each book. Take my time to go through the pages, read reviews, check prices where I can buy it cheaper, and so on.

5th thing I did was order curriculum buy school supplies and register them for co-op.

And here we are on our first day of school.

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