• Janet Ornelas

Birthday New Year Goals

I turn 31 years old today! I am super excited because this is my second year that I treat my birthday like a new year and I set my intentions and goals for the year. This year is my first time sharing my intentions, goals, and even word of the year. I am nervous because I feel like I jinx myself when I share things prematurely.

I am going to share anyway and give this a try. First, I want to share my word of the year: ACHIEVE. This year I want to go all in and be bold and ACHIEVE what I set my mind to.

Next I want to set my intentions: My intention this year is to do what I say I am going to do and stick with it until I have completed or ACHIEVED it.

Lastly, my goals are: 1. Real Estate License 2. Create digital products 3. Create crafts to sell in my craft shop. 4. I want to work out more and start a Mediterranean eating style. 5. Meal Prep 6. Eat more veggies, greens, and drink more water. 7. Workout more and consistently 8. Take self-defense class. 9. Go back to my quiet time routine with God, learning more about him. 10. become more intentional with my prayer binder. 11. Read more apologetic books. 12. I want to start meditating 13. start Labyrinth 14. I want to be to be more intelligent with my emotions 15. I want to be more positive and have gratitude.

Okay so there they are. I know it seems like a lot but most of this stuff I already know how to do and I've done it before in my past I just need to input it in my daily routine to make it a habit.

I plan to be self-aware and catch myself when my mind wonders to the negative side, by waking up an hour earlier than usual and using this time to spend quiet time with God, learn biblical topics, or read an apologetic book. I also plan to workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the AM right after my quiet time with God. I'm also planning that on the days that I work out I can listen to a sermon or worship music on my way to the gym during and after.

I plan to meal prep on Sundays and cook Mediterranean recipes.

I am currently enrolled in Real Estate classes and hope to end by May 30th.

I plan to use my weekends to create digital or craft products.

Wish me luck! I will be updating you on a monthly basis on how I'm doing with my goals.

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