• Janet Ornelas

The Music Man Musical Review

It was a stormy, Saturday night, when my family of four walked into The Music Man Musical at Rockwall Summer Musicals. The perfect night to be indoors and enjoy a funny family friendly musical. It felt like an opera theater, especially when the Librarian Marian would sing. She had a remarkable voice, everyone did. There was also an orchestra playing next to the stage, that tied everything together.

Absolutely loved The Music Man Musical it was entertaining and funny. It was our first theatrical musical experience as a family and every member of my family was taken away by the fast talking salesman. The Music Man was charming, deceptive and convincing but Marian the Librarian was not so easily swayed by him. Personally, I´m glad she didn’t because I love a good romance pursuit. I didn’t want to take my eyes off of the stage, not even for a second. You didn’t know what was going to happen next or better yet you didn’t want to miss hearing what was being said. The props and backgrounds were stunning and colorful. 

If you’ve never experienced a musical in person, you might want to consider The Music Man because it’s entertaining and hilarious. You could make it a family night like we did or a date night.

Perfect way to end a stormy night.

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