• Janet Ornelas

Book Club Cafe Rowlett, TX

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Book Club Cafe in Rowlett, is Coffee shop goals for book lovers! It is attached to Rowlett Public Library but an independent business. The name says it all. I even want to host my future bookclub meetings here.

As soon as I walked in I saw the huge accent wall and was greeted by a cowboy name Davis who happens to be the manager. He explained the menu to me and everything they offered. I got the Benny drink which was mighty delicious. He is also told me that they haven't been opened very long but business is great.

I absolutely believed him as soon as my drink was served people started pouring in. I walked back over to the library and enjoyed my cafecito with my children and a little bit of work. After I was finished I walked over to return my mug and went on with my day.

Throughout the day I kept thinking about my coffee and how delicious it was and thought about how I needed to let my people know about this place. There is also another one located in Rockwall. I'm not sure if it is located next to a library but look forward to visiting it soon.

Let me know which drink you get in the comments below when you visit this place.

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