• Janet Ornelas

Bridesmaid after 30

Hello, hey girl, How you been? I've been good and you? Friend: Good too, I'm planning my wedding. Me: What?!?! Wow, congratulations!" "That's exciting!" Friend: "Yes, it is. It's stressful." I wanted to ask you, if you like to be one of my bridesmaid." Me: (silent, with mouth wide open). O M G I feel so honored and special! I will love to, when is your wedding?

As my childhood friend was giving me the details of her wedding, I was feeling so flattered but I also kept wondering, "I'm 30 and have kids." How can this be happening to me? I thought that boat had shipped and sailed away.

I went to my first Bridesmaid meeting and met the other bridesmaids and we talked about the bridesmaid's dress. The soon to be bride, my friend gave us pretty much the freedom to wear whatever we wanted except for it had to be navy blue. The venue will be in a ranch so if we wanted to wear boots so our heels wouldn't sink in the earthly ground will be great.

I was like yass! in the inside because I love navy blue. I wasn't too sure about the boots although I live in Texas I've never been able to get comfortable with cowgirl boots. Well, I will have to buckle down. It's not everyday I get asked to be a bridesmaid.

My husband picked me up from the Bridesmaid meeting and on the way home I immediately did a search on DSW Shoes website

and found these boots.

I thought they were beautiful, my only concern was how were they going to fit and will I break them in on time for the wedding? They finally arrived 3 weeks before the wedding I tried them on and I was so surprised to find them super comfortable. I said to myself, "I can get use to this."

After the boots I waited for my dress to arrive. Over at Rotita's

they made sure my dress came in time. It came a week and a half before the wedding.

I felt like a true bridesmaid after I finished getting ready. This is what the outfit and myself looked like right before I arrived at the venue.

I just want to give a huge shoutout to DSW Shoes and Rotita's for helping me make my bridesmaid dream come true! Thank you!

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