• Janet Ornelas

Circle Maker Book Review

The Circle Maker Book was for me a biblical style to goal setting and bold prayers. It is a book that inspired me to pray big and to dream big. I got so many wisdom nuggets from this book. I wrote a few down and want to share with you.

To Whom

But first I want to recommend this book to the people who are struggling to believe, struggling in their prayer life, struggling in their faith. If you are in any of these situations I highly recommend this book. I also recommend this book to the goal-setting enthusiast, to the goal-getter, and to the dreamer.


This book inspired me to draw circles on the things that I wanted and to pray through them and to not stop praying until something happen.


This book encourages you to know what you want and to be specific. The author, Mark Batterson, shares his own stories and goals to give you examples. At the very end he provides 10 steps to goal setting. I found that to be very helpful. I’ll give you two of those steps. 1 and 10 are pray. Pray before, pray for revelation, clarity, and pray after. The other 8 steps are about helping you believe in your goals and more.

If you find yourself in your lowest this book might be worth reading.

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