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I Dare You Embrace Life with Passion by Joyce Meyer Book Review

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

I Dare You Embrace Life With Passion by Joyce Meyer is a must read for moms! At one point I felt like this she was talking directly to me. I received so many wisdom nuggets and wrote a lot of them down. This is not just an entrepreneur/business seeking book but a life book in general. There is even a little passion towards health and other areas of life.

One of the things that resonated with the most from I Dare You book is when she talks about “Be Enterprising.” This section was so encouraging to me. It motivated me to make serious decisions on things that I just couldn’t come into conclusion. I love being innovating.

She talks about passion in all areas of life, quotes scripture and shares her wisdom on stories of the bible. It’s a well written book. At the end of the book I came up to 3 pages full of book titles that she has written. I was astonished. I couldn’t believe all the books she has written. In addition to books, she has a whole library of audio and video. I love that she leads by example.

More Good Reads

I want to read her other books. The titles that popped out to me from the list were:

The Confident Woman

Starting Your Day Right

Battlefield of the Mind Devotional

The Power of Determination

The Power of Being Positive

The Secrets of Spiritual Power

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Eight Ways to Keep the Devil Under Your Feet

Celebration of Simplicity

Being the Person God Made You

Jesus-Name Above All Names

Prepare to Prosper

Expect a Move of God In Your Life….Suddenly!

Enjoying Where You Are on the Way  to Where You Are Going

A New Way of Living, and practically all of them.

I’ve included screen shots of the titles of the book at the end so you can browse and pick your next read.

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