• Janet Ornelas

Hawaiian Falls Waterpark Review

Hello my lovely mommies! Today I am writing a review for you about our experience at Hawaiian Falls. We went to the one in Garland, TX and we are first timers. We pass this park all the time. It’s close to Target, Walmart, Sams, Michael’s, Pet Smart, Academy’s, and the George Bush Highway. My kids have been asking me for years to go but it just hadn’t happen until now.

We actually picked a really good day to go. It was on a Wednesday, summer break, and it was Hawaiian Falls 16th birthday!

I found a nice parking spot under a tree that gave our truck good shade. We definitely needed that because we packed lunch, snacks, and drinks. You can bring coolers inside but it’s an extra $15. I was not going to pay that and I didn’t mind the walk back to the car because we parked pretty close.

We got in line to buy our tickets and because it was their birthday celebration admission was half off! I was drinking a coffee from Chick Fil A and when it was time for them to check our bags before we enter the park they informed me kindly that they did not allow Chick Fil A inside. So I tried finishing most of it before I threw it away and walked in. Staff was very nice and friendly throughout the park.

We walk to Keiki Kove (the kids area) and we found lounge chairs under a shaded area. I think I had the best view to watch my kiddos played while I read a book.

Afterwards I scoped the place out to know where to take my kids after Keiki Kove. It’s a small water park but filled with fun rides and activities all over.

The kids were ready to explore the rest of the park, our next stop was the lazy river. It’s a small lazy river compared to Hurricane Harbor but it was perfect for my 7 & 5 year old. It was easy for me since it was just me and them. I had a lot more control with a smaller lazy river.

You can see us in action here.

Then we passed the Torpedo and headed over to Waikiki Beach (the wave pool.) We grabbed a couple of blue inflatable tubes and catched some waves. Afterwards, we headed over to hop on a padded turtle, alligator and other sea creatures with the help of an overhead net.

We got hungry after the hoping and crawling and decided to take a break for lunch. We walked to the truck turned on the A/C and ate our lunch and snacks. Then we headed back to the water park and felt the courage to take on the Torpedo.

The Torpedo is an exhilarating ride. The kids really wanted to do it. I looked at my 5 year old and asked him, “are you sure?” And he looked me with so much confidence and said, “yea.”

I thought to myself, “ I don’t think he’s 48 inches? Most likely they’ll send him down. I’ll let them be the bad guys.” So I thought.

Well about 10 minutes later I see Jayla get inside the tube and thought to myself, “oh dear God they are actually doing it.” I see Jayla come down. I know she was not expecting the floor to disappear on her in a millisecond. And her come falling down. Her face expression at the end confirmed it. It was so hilarious.

When she saw my face she smiled as she was touching her chest, I gave her a hug. Then my eyes come up and I see my 5 year old walking into the same fate as my 7 year old and thought to my self, oh dear God have mercy!” He walked into the tube smiling I could see part of his grin. And thought, “he has no idea.” In seconds he was down and I laughed even harder when I saw his face and thought, “this boy lost his soul on the way down.” Sure enough he looked pale and fell as he was trying to get up. I don’t think he could feel his skinny little legs. He finally managed to pick himself up and walked towards me without saying a word.

I asked him, “how was it?” He was to brave to admit he was scared, he said, “good.” I asked him if he wanted to do it again and of course he said yes. I said okay but another day and he said okay.

We hit the wave pool one last time and called it a day. Thank you Hawaiian Falls for having us and happy sweet birthday!

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