• Janet Ornelas

How To Be A Great Wife Book Review

When I started my homeschooling journey I came across How to be a Great Wife…even though you Homeschool

 and decided to pick it up because I’m always trying to learn how to be a better wife to my husband of almost 8 years. Besides the title, the front cover illustration of the wife made me smile.

This book contains 10 chapter and an introduction. At the end of each chapter is a set of questions for you to answer to help you evaluate yourself and explore areas.

I love books that challenge society norms. I like books that stay aligned with God’s ordained hierarchy. It keeps me on the godly path and this book is no exception to that purpose.

Just to give you an example of what this book is about let’s go to the first chapter of the book and the thing that resonated with me the most was the duties of a helper (wife).

“A helper voluntarily set aside their own wants, desires, ambitions to help another accomplish his wants desires and ambitions.”

Now this book

was written by a man, a husband, a husband to a homeschool mom of 8 children. I can just imagine what your thoughts are after reading this. But don’t go away just yet. I dared to keep reading and found this book
very helpful and practical.

In chapter 2 he goes on to say, to find creative ways to help your husband he was created to be. We know that one of his purpose is to be your husband and father to your children and we must help him do those jobs well.

And the chapters after that go on to give you practical knowledgeable tips on how to be a great wife. It hardly talks about homeschooling. And to be honest I felt very inspired to practice these tips on my husband and I must say he seems happier and looks at me when I’m talking to him. He actually pays attention to what I have to say.

I give this book 5 stars because it really has changed my relationship with my husband. I highly recommend this book to any wife not just a homeschool mom but to anyone else that desires to have a better relationship with their husband.

You can purchase this book by clicking on the link below. Disclaimer I might earn a commission if you purchase it. My opinion is 100% my own. And I only write book reviews for the books I truly believe in.

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