• Janet Ornelas

How To Be A Morning Person Everyday

Do you have trouble getting up every morning? Is it because you have no motivation? Depressed? Or are you just tired? I have a few tricks and tips up my sleeve that I’ve learned throughout the years.

3 tips to wake up early everyday:

1. Schedule your most important plans for the morning. This could be a meeting, a social meet up, a work-out date, anything that’s going to help you jump out of bed. This urges you to get up because you don’t want to look like an unreliable person.

2. Save the fun for early on. Work on a project you love early in the morning, work on something that brings you joy, inspiration, and excitement. For me it’s organizing my notes, reading a book or arranging fresh flowers in a vase. It’s a form of art for me. Sometimes, I like working on a special craft project. A project that I know with time I will perfect. It’s something I take my time with and don’t rush.

3. Create the most exciting joyful morning routine. It could be setting your coffee pot to brew automatically and the smell of coffee wakes you up. It could be an alarm clock playing songs that you love. It could be setting up your table for breakfast the night before. It will seem like you woke up to someone setting up the perfect breakfast table for you. Enjoy reading a book or something uplifting. Whatever it is, be creative.

4. A bonus tip and this has to do more with your curtains. Remove your blackout curtains. Any curtains that block sunlight replace them with sheer curtains. The early sunrise won’t let you sleep in.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any tricks up your sleeve that help you be an early morning person. And if these tricks helped you let me know also.

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