• Janet Ornelas

ivivva North Park Clothing Store

As we are homeschooling throughout the year, I am finding new things to incorporate into our schedule. Especially fun and new things we have never done before.

I decided to let the kids give yoga class a try and they loved it. I thought it was a pretty cool class for my highly active 6 year old boy and perhaps a good calming class for my daughter who is very emotional.

Every week they look forward to their yoga class. My son practices his balance any chance he gets.

I wanted to add something to make their experience fun. Especially for my daughter, Jayla. We went to ivivva at North Park Mall and try out their clothes.

Jayla loves ivivva clothes because one it's super cute but you can literally mix and match the whole store. She did some hand stand and cheers and really got a feel for the clothes. She said it fits comfortable, feels good, and is very stretchy.

We also got to learn more about the staff working there for example Jo, used to do competitive cheer. And Brooke loves hockey just like we do!

ivivva is a clothing line for girls from Lululemon and the quality is phenomenal.

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