• Janet Ornelas

Love and Respect Book Review

The Love and Respect book is for every marriage! This book has been a marriage changer for me. The tips and ideas here are very helpful and practical. I felt like the author knew my marriage inside out. I laughed throughout this book when I felt like he was calling out my husband and I.

Back in 2014 my marriage reached a concrete wall at least that’s how it felt on my image, pride and self-esteem. We seek help from any where we could it get. In the beginning it was just me learning about all the resources that could possibly save my marriage. And by the grace of God my husband joined me shortly after.

We went to ReEngage through our church, we also did one on one counseling with a christian marriage counselor. And we had a lot of people pray for us. I of course didn’t stop there. After ReEngage was over, therapy was over, community was over I still kept searching for things that could help me be proactive.

I came across Love and Respect and thought “Oh my Gosh, why didn’t I grab this book sooner!” I started reading it and taking notes. Immediately I started applying what I was learning and I got my husband to paint our whole house with me, at the end he kind of took over and did it himself! Again, I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh this works!” Since then I keep this book close because I am busy mom of two and forget and so I remember to read this book and again apply what I learn.

I checked out this book from the library the first time. Since then, I’ve purchased it because it’s a gem. You can also purchase yours here if you like.

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