• Janet Ornelas

New Family Traditions Book Review

I love the book

of New Family Traditions because this book has so many fantastic ideas on traditions. It opens you up to add ideas of your own. I love a good book that brings my family closer because my ultimate goal for my family is to create a tight-knit family bond among each other.

There is so much information here on traditions and suggestions that this is a must have book for every family. If you are just starting out or if you have already started a family this book

is for you. Every family needs to have their own traditions. It just brings the family closer and its a memory making machine.

This book suggested a diversity of traditions and still gives you the opportunity to explore ones you made up in your head. One of our favorite traditions is catching sunsets. If the opportunity presents itself, we will take the time and watch a sunset together as a family. The colors of a sunset are just so warm and beautiful. So far we have a cached a sunset in El Paso, TX, Winter park, CO, Dallas, TX and hope for many more in different parts of the world.

Another tradition that we have established as we travel, we collect ornaments from everywhere we travel. This one is my favorite. When Christmas comes along and we put up our Christmas tree, we get to take out all the ornaments we’ve collected throughout the year and previous ones. And it’s so fun to reminisce on all the places you’ve been and talk about all the fun memories we’ve made together in these places. Perfect for family bonding.

What are fun family traditions you’ve created with your family?

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