• Janet Ornelas

One Hour 2 Escape Room Review

I want to tell you all about how I planned a surprise birthday celebration for Omar, my husband at an Escape Room. This was our first escape room. We originally booked for a bank robber escape room but we ended up doing an archaeology artifact escape room because we added a couple of people last-minute.

At first Omar thought I was taking him to Main Event in Lewisville, TX it was so funny because he thought he guessed right where we were going and ended up being an Escape Room. Of course, he loved the surprise! We walk into this office building and signed waivers. They guided us to the back and we entered a creepy looking escape room it was dark, and the walls had coverings all them something like from a haunted house or something of that sort.

They explained to us the rules which one of the rules that stood out was not to climb on furniture and ceilings?!? Another rule was that they did not lock doors for legal reasons. The staff member gave us the first clue and left the room. We immediately saw the timer start ticking down and the excitement and fun began.

We all started searching for clues and kind of split up to find as many clues as we could but we quickly found out that we couldn’t go very far because the clues where in order. So in order to know what to do next you had to find the clue first.

We did have 3 opportunities to ask for clues. We tried so hard not to ask for clues, our pride wouldn’t let us. But when the clock marked 20 minutes down we asked for our first clue and then we completed that clue we asked for another one. The clues were not making sense and this escape was very difficult. Overall we had fun working together and felt like we were truly looking for an artifact. With assistance from the staff we were able to access the artifact statue and end the game. We did not finish in one hour so obviously that meant we lost the game but they let us continue the game until the end.

Will I come back again to this place? YES! Do I recommend this place to others? YES! Will I do the Archaeology artifact room again? Of course not, and only because we’ve done it before and know the clues!

The Escape Room that we went to can be found here. We found a good deal on Groupon 2 people for $32.00. Which is not bad at all compared to other places.

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