• Janet Ornelas

One-Income Household Book Review

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I'm on this personal journey of learning everything that has to do with my personal finances. One-Income Household Book taught me to look at things from a different perspective. I'm not good at all when it comes to finances but I do know that is an essential trait for a prudent woman.

My key takeaway from this book was to treat each source of income with a purpose. For example if you are married treat one income as the income that pays the bills and provides food, shelter, and clothing. And treat the other income as a retirement, savings and investment fund.

I thought that was very unique. This led me to want to learn about all the different ways I can create a lifestyle that supports this idea. The good thing is I didn't have to look away from this book because it shared creative frugal tips such as making your own cleaning products with things you already have at home.

I also love the idea of holding a clothes swap for kids. And it said to make it fun turn it into a party. Which made me think that this doesn't have to be depressing. It can actually be fun.

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