• Janet Ornelas

Peppa Pig World of Play Review

Peppa Pig World of Play indoor theme-park is here in the DFW. The first-ever attraction in the U.S. How lucky are we to enjoy have this fun attraction in our backyards?

It is beautiful and colorful. It is ideal for ages 5 and below (preschool ages). They have tricycles and plenty of room to ride them around. They have a tree house and tree fort. They even have Peppa's house. Jayla, my daughter took over the camera inside with her and was able to show us what your kiddos will be experiencing in there. You can click here to see all the action.

This place has all the vibes to just have an amazing time with your kiddos. The colors are vibrant, the staff are amazing and friendly, the different play areas have unique activities to do. For example the sensory garden is just that, a sensory area to explore a child size garden.

There is also a theater to enjoy a show on top of these big bean bag chairs. There are plenty of benches and seating areas for parents to sit down and watch their kids play.

The best part that I think your kids will really enjoy is that Peppa Pig comes out and hangs out with the children. Have your phones ready because you are going to want to capture memories of your kids having fun in the World of Peppa Pig.

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