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Right Brain Learner | Homeschool Series

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Hello and welcome, today I want to talk about right-brain learners. In this post you will find out what a right-brain learner is and how I am approaching this with my right-brain dominant daughter. What I learned about my daughter is that she is not fully right-brain. It really depends on the activity she is working on. I do believe in strengthening the strengths and the weaknesses improving them with natural flow.

First there is nothing wrong with being more dominant in the right or left side of the brain. I feel like I need to put that out there because I believed something was wrong with my daughter and in return transmitted that to her. No one told me it was okay to be more dominant on one side more than the other. Nevertheless, I did not know what to do or how to help my child in this case with her right-brain dominance.

I want everyone to become aware when they read this post that the government controls the schools. They control what our children learn and how they consume the information. They control the school environment and the way our kids socialize. They control which curriculum to use and how it is being taught. As parents we have to start taking back that control by learning first how much power does the government have on our children.

While I was doing my research on this topic I found eye opening information. Traditional schools teach majority left-brain methods. When in reality not all children comprehend in left-brain ways. There is not a one-size fits all curriculum or way of teaching. As soon as we become aware of that truth the sooner we will be able to help our children succeed in school, in life, lift up their self-esteem, and encourage them in a loving, caring, and gentle way.

I want to share this passage from Texas Home School Coalition website:

"The problem is that traditional schools teach in a left-brained way. They hand students textbooks, and ask them to read the text and answer the questions at the end of the chapter. These textbooks are usually written by people who were left-brained learners themselves. They typically had great success in school and wanted to become teachers because of all those warm, fuzzy, childhood memories about how great and wonderful school was. After graduation they became teachers, and then they were promoted to curriculum writers. The cycle of more left-brained curriculum being written by more left-brained teachers seems to perpetuate itself. Now we are discovering that half of the children do not learn in a left-brained way."

Not only that but more children are being medicated because they are falling behind in school, more children are repeating grade levels, and this is a humiliation to humanity. It's a humiliation because it makes us look, feel and wonder that something is wrong with us when in reality the schools are struggling with providing a well-rounded education.

The following are characteristics of a Right-Brain and Left-Brain according to CRC Health :

Right-Brain Characteristics:

  • Big picture thinking

  • Visual input

  • Leaps in thinking

  • Concepts

  • Differentiation through color

  • Humor

  • Unstructured thinking

  • Awareness of options

  • Pictures (storing information as a unit rather than as parts)

  • Music

  • Metaphors

  • Intuitive thinking

  • Creativity

  • Rhythm

  • Holistic thinking

  • Synthesizing

  • Subjective thinking

Left-Brain Characteristics:

  • Logic

  • Analytical sequence processing

  • Numbers

  • Black & white distinctions

  • Structured thinking

  • Verbal language skills

  • Short-term memory

  • Details

  • Auditory input

  • Skilled movement

  • Naming

  • Categorization

  • Objective thinking

After this research I observed my daughter and saw her gravitate towards the following:

She prefers to draw than write, she is very creative and talented, she learns through whole-to-parts approach, she is very visual, she has picture perfect memory, she gets distracted easily and is not focused, she needs to see the big picture and uses contextual clues to help her figure out things.

As you can see there is nothing wrong with right-brain dominant children. Let's stop pointing the finger to our children and let's demand for teachers or schools to help us parents learn to help our children.

I think schools can and should organize workshops or classes for parents to help their child better:

1. They can organize a workshop on how to help your child with their homework.

2. What's your child's learning style and what you can do at home to help them.

3. Provide resources and ideas to parents to help their child at home.

Schools/teachers complain that parents are not involved. And I know some parents or maybe a lot are really not involved with their child and sad to say maybe don't care or given up in a sense. But that should not block ways to help the parents that do care by making workshops and classes like the ones I mentioned above available to all parents that have their child in their school.

I am also not ignorant to the fact that in a case by case basis there are exceptions, there are learning disabilities and other factors that come into play. I know the schools are not all to blame. What I am saying is that before your child is diagnosed with something or medicated lets also explore the possibility that learning style plays a huge role in our children's education and that a one size teaching method is not an effective approach or mentality.

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