• Janet Ornelas

Rosalind Coffee Company Review

Lately I’ve been on a hunt for coffee. I live in Garland, TX and it’s hard for me to find anything local or better yet in my neighborhood for good food and drinks. I hate that I have to drive out of my city to find something good. I thought to myself my city has to have good food and drinks. I just need to find them.

Yesterday morning after I dropped the kids off at VBS I went on google search and found Rosalind Coffee Company I did my due diligence and read reviews and searched it on Instagram. After it pleased my eyes I went and tried it.

Free Coffee

And to my surprise I received a free cup of very delicious coffee! I was like what?!?! Why? And they said that the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 8AM-10AM they serve free coffee to everyone! I said a big thank you!

I grabbed my cup and started searching for a place to sit because I was actually planning on working there through my laptop. I found a chair underneath a sign that said, “ Thank you for being you, stay amazing.” I thought, perfect, I agree with you sign.”

I did order the breakfast plate from there and it felt very homemade. I finished my coffee and my food and instantly wished I should have ordered a Large coffee instead of a small. I started scoping the place out and took a few pictures of little nook areas.

Kids are definitely welcome here because the have a wide rectangular table in kids size for them to read or color. In another corner towards the front of the shop they have a bookshelf full of kids books and games. And that is important to me because I have a 7 and 5 year old.

The shop is surround by brick wall and in one section of the shop it has string lights that give it a real soft look and feel. They have big wide tables and people share these. The tables were perfect for me because my laptop and paperwork fit on the table. I stayed a little longer than expected and felt the atmosphere quiet down a little after 11 am. I witnessed people come in with their laptops order a cup of coffee sit down and type away. It felt like those Work pads that are popping up nowadays.

I am on my way now for a cup of coffee, don’t forget the 3rd Tuesday of every month your cup is free and if you go any other day they have these little cards that they can hole punch every time you purchase a cup of coffee and on your 10th one is free. How about that? You can just tell this place loves their customers.

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