• Janet Ornelas

Science on Tap: Sweet and Savory

This weekend we decided to do something fun for date night. We wanted an experience that would bring out a lot of curiosity and laughter. And that is exactly what Science on Tap event at the Forth Worth Museum Science and History did.

We walked in and right away they asked for our IDs. That's when we realized the crowd was for 21 and older and there was going to be alcohol. We gave the security our IDs and let us through once they read that we were old enough. We grabbed our wristbands and a program.

I gave my husband the program so he could plan out our evening there and check out what things we wanted to do. I went straight to the beverage stand and order a Sauvignon Blanc. I have never had one before and won't ever have one again. I did not like it. I'm more of a Moscato gal.

Any who I gave it to my husband and I went to the Llano wine stand and had the most delicious wine I've ever tasted. He gave me a white wine and a rose colored wine. I wish I could remember the names but what I do remember is that the white wine was delicious and the rose wine tasted tropical in my life like if I was on a Caribbean island.

I went back to the first beverage stand and ordered a blackberry Sangria. Oh my gosh! It was so delicious. My husband guided me to a cooking demonstration by the Food Bank of Fort Worth. They taught us how to make a yummy radish salad with apples and cream cheese. I thought it was so delicious my husband said he doesn't like radishes and didn't try it.

Then we went to the blind fold tasting room. That was fun! They gave us a brown and a white paper bag and an eye mask so we can cover our eyes.

We sat down on a table and this was my opportunity to seize to have Omar, my husband try the radish salad that they just gave us.

You can watch a short video here.

After that we played with a few different things the museum had opened for the public. If you want to check out the full video you can see it on our YouTube channel.

Then we went to a virtual food experience and Omar chopped some veggies up. He really liked that.

Last but not least we went to go make some homemade butter. I thought that was pretty neat. I had no clue on how to make butter or how much arm muscle you really need to shake the butter.

Would I do this event again? Of course! we had a blast! I would love to do like a double and come with our friends or have a girls night out.

This was so much and so different than all our other date nights. which that is the point in this Date Night with A Twist Series.

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