• Janet Ornelas

The Courage To Be Rich by Suze Orman Book Review

I must say that I thought learning about finances would be boring but very necessary. Suze Orman proved me wrong and I'm glad she did. This book

took me on such an emotional profound level, I never saw it coming. The Courage To Be Rich
By Suze Orman will be the first book I recommend to anyone that wants to learn about finances.

The first chapter alone was very emotional for me because of the exercises she recommends you do. One of the exercises that made me pause and reflect was the one about writing a forgiveness letter to all the people that shaped my money beliefs. For me and for perhaps most of us it was our parents. Then she has you writing asking forgiveness to yourself as well. And lastly she wants you to burn these letters and start fresh and new.

That was my favorite part was seeing those negative words and painful feelings burn. I've acrtually done a few burning in the past. I remember that I burned a journal that I had after an intimate relationship ended because I needed to close that chapter in my life and it was so profound then as it is now with these letters of forgiveness.

In chapter 2 something resonated with me and I also like meditating on and it's this, "take each thought and replace it with a powerful thought." I like that she didn't say the usual cliche Replace a negative thought with a positive one.

I like the idea of going further than positive and think of a powerful thought of, "I can," per to say.

She goes on to say, "you're not pushing the problem away, you're simply meeting it in a new way, head-on, with the strength of your powerful new thoughts."

"Beginning today, look toward a brighter future; leave the past behind." -Suze Orman

She has written quite a few more books on personal finances. I also read The Money Class

, I thought it was a good book to read before reading The Courage To Be Rich.

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