• Janet Ornelas

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs | Book Review

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I had the pleasure of reading The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

. This was such an insightful book full of the best wisdom from Steve Jobs. I love the 7 principles that were shared in this book. The style and organization of this book was set up perfectly for anyone to easily understand and apply these to their business and personal brand.

I do want to add that each one of these principles are to be further researched to get the most out of them. For example, the first principle is Do What You Love. Before reading this books I had read many books before on how to find what I love and how to create a business out of it.

The paragraph that resonated the most with me was the following, "Believe in yourself and your vision, and be prepared to constantly defend these beliefs. Only then will innovation be allowed to flourish, and only then will you be able to lead an insanely great life."

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