• Janet Ornelas

The Smart Parenting Revolution | Book Review

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

The Smart Parenting Revolution Book was an amazing parenting book. I learned so many great tools to help parent my child but also to help my child with their education. It taught me how to be a support person instead of a critic. I really loved that because I end to set high expectations for each one of my children.

I learned to observe child and write down their strengths and play apart in the development of those strengths.

This paragraph resonated with me the most and helped me shift to a different mindset when it comes to the education of my children.

" We don't need children who can spit back facts. We've got Google for that. What children need from their education are opportunities to explore, invent, and discuss. They learn best when they experience, not when they sit numbly."- The Smart Parenting Revolution Book

I encourage every parent to read this book it will be a game changer strategy for your parenting.

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