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What is a Homeschool CO-OP?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

A homeschool co-op is basically a school made up of homeschool families that offer all kinds of classes based on a university model. You choose the classes you want to take, register and attend them, just like you would in a University but for kids.

I like the way Time 4 Learning describes it:

"Texas Homeschool Co-ops"

"While support groups tend to form for the purpose of providing networking opportunities for parents and extracurricular and social outlets for students, homeschool cooperatives (also called co-ops) have a more educational focus. Although they are often outgrowths of support groups, co-op homeschooling groups usually form for the purpose of opening up group learning experiences for students." -Time 4 Learning website

There are different types of co-ops with different types of requirements. There are pros and cons to each one of them. You will have to find which one best fits your family.

I have created a list of homeschool co-ops (and a few support groups) in the DFW and Collin County Area. These are the ones I found active as of 9/4/19.

Arlington, TX | Arlington Association of Home Educators

Collin County | North Texas Enrichment Classes for Homeschoolers

Dallas, TX | Scholastic Co-op Ed Puzzle

Denton, TX | Denton County Home School Association (support group)

Desoto, TX | SALT Co-op

Frisco, TX | HOPE Co-op

Garland, TX | Quo Vadis Educators Co-op

McKinnney, TX | McKinney Area Christian Homeschoolers Enrichment Co-op

Mesquite, TX | http://www.mchsa.org/ (support group not a co-op)

North Texas | SELAH (Support Group) ; North Tx Homeschool Network

Plano, TX | Plano Area Texas Homeschoolers Co-op

Plano, TX | THEO Co-op

Plano, TX | PEACH (Support group)

Richardson, TX | Green Roof co-op

Richardson, TX | Richardson Homeschool Association

Rockwall, TX | http://www.hearrockwall.org/ (support group not a co-op)

Rowlett, TX | Christian Educator's Reosurce Center

Royse City | Royse City Homeschool Academy Co-op

Royse City | King Harvest co-op

Co-ops are not the same as homeschool groups although a lot of co-ops branch out from homeschool groups.

A homeschool group might be a better fit for a homeschool family for the following reasons:

  • Cannot commit to a co-op schedule.

  • Cannot afford the co-op.

  • Likes to meetup with different groups of people.

  • Can pay on a social gathering event basis.

  • Cannot serve or teach a class for whatever reason.

  • Co-op is a little too much.

A co-op might be a good fit for a homeschool family for the following reasons:

  • You might have just pulled your kid out of school and need to transition from a traditional school setting to homeschool setting.

  • Your child might be showing resisitance and needs a change of environment, people, and pace.

  • You might need help teaching certain subjects.

  • Your child craves social settings on a weekly basis.

  • You might feel burned out and need a break.

  • Want to try something new.

  • Need community and support.

  • Need friends.

Whatever you decide to do know that either way you are doing the best you can with your homeschool in the season that you are in. God will provide all you need to have a successful year with co-op or without. Don't stress and be calm.

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