• Janet Ornelas

Which Homeschool Association should I Join?

Help! I don't know which homeschool association to join? Totally get it I feel overwhlemed as well. The choices can be overwhelming just like trying to choose a homeschool curriculum but it can be done and I am here to help.

I would choose 1 or 2 local homeschool support groups to join, if money permits a co-op and then one of these two associations:

State Associations:

I composed a list of active local homeschool support groups and co-ops. This list does not include local Facebook, Yahoo, or Meetup groups. There are so many and found that a bit overwhelming. I definitely don't want to overwhelm you and therefore shared a few tips of my own to keep my homeschool support simple but effective below.

First tip:

If you are on Facebook I would search for local homeschool groups in my area. I'd do that by asking around in my church or local friends or local homeschool groups using the list above or a quick serach on the search bar inside Facebook.

Second tip: I would pick one or two to join and really exhaust my resources there before moving on to another group. I would keep "shopping" until I found one that I like.

I personally like my church's group which is on Facebook, Home-Run Watermark ( Dallas based)

I also joined other groups that are close by to my city:

Wildlings | (Rockwall, Wylie, Garland, Rowlett, and Royse City

DFW Hispanic/Latino Homeschoolers | DFW Area

Dallas Unschooling | Dallas, TX

Christian Homeschool Moms of DFW | DFW

DFW Homeschool Guide (my personal group) | DFW

White Rock Homeschoolers | White Rock

DFW Easy Peasy Homeschool | DFW (Easy Peasy Homeschool Curriculum)

Wild and Free | Wylie, TX

DFW Kindergarten-ish Homeschoolers | DFW

There are so many groups just find one that is active, helpful and that meet up regularly.

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