• Janet Ornelas

Your Right To Be Rich by Napoleon Hill Book Review

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I have to start off by saying that I love all of Napoleon Hill's Books. I always come out learning and feel like I've learned from the best. A lot of his tips are timeless and I love that about his teachings.

Your Right To Be Rich Book continues with his timeless 17 principles that he has shared in other books of his. I've been wanting to learn about how to manage my time, energy, and money and his 16th principle touches those 3 important points.

I love how he divided the time into 3 eight-hour parts. He made it so simple. Simple enough for me to understand and apply it right away.

I love his positive psychology perspective on this. As a person who struggles to be positive I love that I can always count on him to inspire to be positive.

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